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Lee Urena, Writer/Photographer

Sup, my name is Lee I'm a senior I was on the girls volleyball team for the 2022 season and was on girls fencing team last year and currently this year. I play foil in fencing and that's were you have to wear an extra layer call a lame and only your torso/upper-body is the target and that's how you get the point. It gets more confusing because for foil there is a thing called "right of way" so whoever looks more aggressive or straight-forward than you'll get the point.

A hobby I do is take pictures of landscapes off my canon camera and I go to the park hanging out with my friends and using my camera. Another hobby I have is playing the Electric guitar and I'm apart of our schools band I've learned how to play a few songs on the guitar like "Smell Like Teenage Spirit" by Nirvana, "Slim shady" by Eminem, and "Jump in the fire" by Metallica. I also free-style a lot in my band class but I learned all the basic shapes on how to play guitar because of my band teacher Mr.Jarvis.

After, I graduate high school I want to major in photography and probably minor in music but if that doesn't work out I'll go for being a firefighter (yes, i know completely different career paths that don't correlate but yea.)

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Lee Urena