Are Different Cultures Represented Among NYC School Staffs:


In many NYC public schools lack of representation is an ongoing issue. Statistics show that in 2022 the percentage of minority teacher in NYC schools citywide was 46%. This percentage is incredibly low and as a population in NYC we should work towards bettering this percentage

So how does this apply here at BAL?

At BAL we do our best to make sure students feel as though they are well represented, but we are not perfect like many other schools in NYC. As much as our school community is diverse we can do better than our current percentages because these percentages are what make our school and are what impact our staff and students. “I think its important for students to be able to see adults that look like them  represented in schools in terms of modeling certain behaviors and believing that you can inspire to be like them,” said Mr. Brooks, a minority staff member at BAL. It is important that students are able to see themselves in teachers because they can have influential impacts on them so having a role model or someone who they can connect with regardless of Race, Ethnicity, culture, or background.

Having a diverse school environment doesn’t just impact students though, this can also impact staff members. By creating a diverse environment in a school staff members can feel seen and heard as well because it is also their work environment. Mr. Brooks said “ A lot of times when we see people we see things like race, culture, and identity we’re able to let our guard down because we feel represented and seen.” I think that this starts with making/having diversity within the staff because it can invite teachers and staff to work in environments in which they can get along with each other.

Diversity in a school is important not only for students but also for staff. It can make us feel more connected and also help us connect culturally. 

But this issue isn’t an issue that only our school face but an issue that many schools if not all schools in NYC face this issue. As of 2020 statistics show that 80% of teachers in NYC public schools are white while the majority of the student body are Black or Hispanic. The effect of this difference in percentages can cause a disconnect between students and teachers which can create a disconnected environment for students. But there are many ways we can better this Issue, For example “ A way we could better this is by maybe including students in hiring panels ” said Mr. Elias a 10th grade math teacher here at BAL. This solution can better this issue in so many ways one of them being the implication of student voices that impact them as kids in a learning environment.