Something new to cheer about

News has sprung all around BAL that there has been a new announcement of cheerleading tryouts. Many BAL students had signed up for tryouts and were eagerly awaiting the day for tryouts. Students are excited for the routines, the cheer outfits, and the whole experience in all. I will also be trying out and telling my experience on how it was.

Wednesday Feb 15. Today was the cheerleading tryouts. The overall experience was great, the vibes from everyone was very amazing and friendly and felt like a very safe and comfortable space. Everyone enjoyed it and will be coming back again tomorrow to meet up with the rest of the girls.

After tryouts I interviewed two other students who participated in the try out. One of my them, Railenny, had this to say about the tryout.

Q: What were your overall thoughts of the tryout?

A: It was very fun, very good, no bad energy.

Q: Would you see yourself coming back to cheer?

A: Yes, it was very fun.

Q: If you could rate your experience from 1-10 what would you rate it?

A: A solid 8

During tryouts, the students and I had to repeat a cheer that the captains had for us. They taught us to cheer with lots of patience and understanding. During the tryouts they observed the way the cheer was done and the rhythm/sync between all the students. After tryouts the captains reassured the students that cheer was a safe and comfortable place for good energy and fun times.

During today’s cheer practice Thursday Feb 16, I also interviewed another student Thairys, on what she had to say about cheer.

Q: Do you consider cheer as a fun activity?

A: yes, there’s a lot of fun things to do in cheer

Q: Will you continue to cheer?

A: Yes, I will  

Q: Rate cheer from 1-10?

A: 8.5

Overall students are currently enjoying cheer and everything it has to bring to BAL, although cheer has just officially begun today it has been a great experience so far and overall a fun sport to do. If you are interested in cheer I recommend you try out!