Should everyone go on field trips?

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It doesn’t feel good to know there’s a school trip and you weren’t invited. Students can get invited to fun trips but not everyone is allowed to go. There are trips pretty regularly right?. But here’s the catch. You need 90% attendance for certain months in order to go. This isn’t a problem for many students who can almost always get to school. However, some think it’s unfair for  people who actually can’t get along with school anyways. Or if it was a valid reason for their absence.

I talked to the principal, Ms. Schless of BAL and asked her two questions: Who came up with the idea and why. “The high school counseling team along with Ms. Forrest. The idea is simply for students to come to school since it’s an area we struggle with and we want students to come to school.”

When asked if there was a way it could be changed, she said: “I don’t think so but if anyone has an idea  I’ll listen to it but it’s a privilege so this specific goal is to have students come to school.” 

I also asked a 10th grader Emma M the same 2 questions. She said, I think it’s helping because it makes students come to school but then again they are only coming for the trips and that’s not right.”

Some have also noticed that students who weren’t invited on the trips don’t show up on the trip day. So this could bet making the problem worse. Kids don’t earn the privilege of going on these trips and they still don’t show up to school.