Raven Mail Staff Profile: Emily Aguayo

Emily Aguayo is a photographer and editor at the Raven Mail and she takes picture and videos of certain events in school. Her talents are playing volleyball, drawing and crafting. She is on the girls fencing team and the type of sword she plays is Epee (where the whole body is a target to get a point). An after school club she is a part of is the Crafting club that are every Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Emily has different types of interest outside of school like the type of music she listens to is all types as long as she can enjoy it. Her favorite genres are Grunge and Alternative and the type of music genre she can’t get into is RnB/Hip hop because it doesn’t click with her. But some with some RnB and Hip hop songs she is alright with. She enjoys watching movies and shows of different genres.

There are lots of hopes, dreams, activities, and places to travel Emily would like to do.

Emily would like to learn more about psychology and modern Civil rights because despite being quiet she has very strong opinions and ideas that she would like to express freely. She wants to improve on being more social and talkative when she meets new people or when there’s a big group of people.

Places she would like to travel are Japan, Mexico and Puerto Rico. She wants to travel to Mexico and Puerto Rico because of her ethnicity. She has never been there before and would like to learn more about her culture.

Emily considers herself more as a cat person than a dog person because she doesn’t find it comfortable to rely on others. Fears she has are insects while some hopes and dreams she have are to have freedom and improve on her art (have a constant art style).