Staff Profile: Ms. Authenreith


Catherine Authenreith is 44 years old originally from Saugerties Upstate New York and has been working in the BAL community since 2017. A fun fact about her is that she and Ms.Debonis went to the same high school but not in the same year. She used to work in an all-boy catholic school but it ended up shutting down then she went to a public school in the Bronx. Her reasoning for it was that most of her students in the catholic school were in the Bronx and at the time she was living there before teaching. She decided to go to BAL after seeing a video online of some kid doing poetry. 

The most difficult process she dealt with was moving from a catholic school to a public school because in catholic schools there are a lot of rules. Also, the behavior is different but she would argue that the teaching is much better in a public school than in a catholic school. She said, “In catholic schools they are much more behaved and it’s more strict learning while in public schools you have to be changing and moving and they’re more open to different ideas.”

Outside of teaching life Ms.Authenreith is close with family and spends a lot of time enjoying NYC art and culture. She spends time with friends and also reads and crafts she said, “I’m basically the same person like I present in school.”