The College Application Experience


When entering senior year I was excited not only because it was my last year of high school but it was my year to apply to different colleges. But in the back of my head, I was hesitating to start the process because I would hear that it can be stressful to find the right college that fits you and it wasn’t fun. But luckily Mr.Brooks our school college counselor made my process smooth and I was able to apply to colleges that were in my interest. In Bronx Academy of Letters every year all the grades 6-12 have the opportunity to visit colleges and give you ideas about which college would you want to attend. 


When I was going to visit the colleges I would pay attention to what kind of majors the colleges provide and I would also notice if the campus is big or small. While visiting colleges I always make sure if I can see myself attending and if I would feel comfortable. I believe that is the most important thing for me when visiting colleges because I wouldn’t want to attend a college that I don’t feel comfortable in and have me second-guessing my decision. 


When I started the process of applying I noticed that it wasn’t bad at all. I actually enjoyed it. It was fun to pick out a college and do some research and say ‘ yes I want to go here”. During the process I noticed that I didn’t want to stay in the city, I wanted to go out of state because people would tell me time and time again “ going away is truly an experience”. “ You can be around new environments and meet new people”. Yes I did apply to some CUNY schools but my main focus was on SUNY schools because that was the decision I made. 


One thing I would say about applying to colleges is waiting for an acceptance, I say that was the worst part for me. I say this because personally, I am an overthinker and an impatient person so whenever I don’t hear from a college back a million thoughts would come into my head “ what if they don’t pick me”. “ what if I am not good enough for them”. But I just kept telling myself to be patient and just wait. So I waited. Around December I received my first SUNY acceptance. I got accepted to SUNY Delhi and I was so happy and proud of myself. All the waiting and overthinking was for nothing because I knew eventually I would get accepted I just had to wait.